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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Arduino Online Ethernet Thermometer

I have made this blog to share my first arduino project.  I have decided to make an online ethernet thermometer as my current project.  Check the link to the right to see where I'm at. 




  1. Thanks for the inspiration!
    I "pimped" it with some rrd graphs.
    See my outside temperature curve at

  2. Greetings Sir,

    I'm part of Wiznet Team in India.

    We have been searching some application references in which WIZnet solution is applied, and found your project "Arduino Online Ethernet Thermometer". Your development looks very cool & smart. We thought of uploading your project to the WIZnet Museum ( site for academic-purpose. We need your permission to publish your project in this website.

    We would like to contact you for the same.

    Kindly share your email id for further contacts.